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You can select from our web site catalogue.
It is possible to infix a logo and short sentence within keeping to the composition.
More reasonable cost and faster delivery than “ORDER-MADE”


L 6m×W 3m


About $6,000~ / 1 sheet (printing & constructing is included)


2 week


30 minutes / 1 sheet


We make your original product by using photos, pictures, & CG as needed.
We have some sample order made pictures in our website catalogue.
Please take a look. We can produce the product to your specification,
maintaining the best quality and providing the service you need.


Please ask


About $9,000~/1 sheet
※Please ask for details


4 weeks
※shortest, please ask for details


1 hour / 1 sheet

Sheet Material

Clear film for surface protection with a clear base film and clear adhesive.
It has physical strength, durability,
resistance to wear and has a scratch and stain-resistant surface.

Highly durable
As an example it will last a few months
(when set at a terminal of a station by ticket gates that experience heavy traffic)
※Durability depends on the conditions of placement.

There is no significant difference between as normal floor surface and the
sheet in terms of walking and the grip of the surface.

※Please contact us for the following cases.
   ・Outdoor installation → we can suggest less reflective materials.
   ・Carpeted area → we can prepare printed carpets.
   ・Wall or ceiling placement → This is supported by “ORDER-MADE”

We do not recommend to place our products in places where a large amount of earth
or sand is tracked or to which endures heavy load that are dragged across the flooring.