Q.What are the main difference between “STANDARD” and “ORDER-MADE”?

A. “STANDARD” products (3m×6m) can be selected from our web catalog and,
    is of economic cost and fast delivery. 
    “ORDER-MADE” products are original production designed around your specific needs.
    So you can control the size and design.


A. “STANDARD” is $6,000 including print and installation.
    “ORDER-MADE” starts from $10,000, this covers design, support, print and installation.


A. It takes 1 week from order to delivery for “STANDARD” orders.
    It takes at least 2 weeks for “ORDER-MADE”, because “ORDER-MADE” is
    produced in consultation with you and has a unique set of size and design requirements.


A. We handle the whole process from manufacture, installation to removal.
    Professional layers install the product as it requires an expertise to bond multiple sheets properly.

Q.Maximum & Minimum sizes

A. The maximum size is 10 m square,
    and the minimum size is 3 meters wide and 6 meters long, as a general rule.
    “STANDARD” is 3 meters wide and 6 meters long on our web site.
    Please contact us for information about others sizes.

Q.Space Requirements

A.For example, “STANDARD” (L:6 m×W:3 m) needs a space 6 meters wide 9 meters long.

Q.Surfaces “Trick Club” can be installed on.

A. Floor (including carpet), wall, ceiling, etc. Please contact us for more details.

Q.Outdoor use

A. “STANDARD” is for indoor use only. “ORDER-MADE” can be made for outdoor use.
    Contact us for more details about placement and cost.

Q.Logo and text infixing

A. “ORDER-MADE” has no restrictions on logo or text placement.
    Logos and text can be inserted into specific place in the design without changing the
    design for “STANDARD” orders . Please contact us for more details.

Q.Rental and Lease

A. We don’t have rental service.


A. General floor cleaning is OK. Special care is not needed.