About “Trick Club”

Trick Club is a laminated sheet on which a three-dimensional picture is printed.
With Trick Club you can take amusing photos  which you can show off to your friends.
Trick Club is a simplified tool for advertising
and is reasonably priced compared to other sales promotional items.

High Performance Advertising through E-Mail, Photos and Blogs.

Non- electric, So No Running Cost, Just stick the sheet to the floor and you are done.

Effective Use of Vacant Space, No Interference to Customers,
No construction Equipment.

Only 1 week to Delivery after Order made.(In Case of “STANDARD”)

Only 30 minutes to Construct.(In Case of “STANDARD”)

Only about $6000 which covers : Printing, Constructing & Logo Infixing is Included.
(In Case of “STANDARD”)

Custom made order are Possible.

Yearly Package which comprises four seasonal products
that cover each season,providing special value.

You can’t take a photo in 3D graphics which using parallax, even though you see in parallax.
But all “Trick Club” products are made assuming the height
and angle of the lens when shooting by mobile phone camera.
So images seen through the camera look more real.
Trick Club is an effective product for advertising,
using photos taken by mobile phone camera add impact to the scene.

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We have an active designer group which cover various genres.
They work with international brands, and have won many competitions.
PR space design for Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler & Dodge, and premium brands of France and Norway.